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Born in Hong Kong, raised in Moscow, Russia, studied in London, and of Indian origin, Shah RuLe is a unique and truly global artist. Shah RuLe sonically brings an eclectic mix of hard- hitting Hip-Hop and Electronic drums, combined with samples and sounds acquired through his travels and life journey. In 2014, Shah received airplay from BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra for his lead single “Nomad”. Shah was also featured on the lead single on “Unstoppable” on UK Producer NaamLess’s “The Heights EP”, which reached the No.1 iTunes World Music Chart position. In June of 2015, Shah released a free album titled “Visualise Greatness”, produced and mixed by himself featuring local UK acts like Swami Baracus, Words Ali, Hope, Paulaa and more. Each track on album samples a classic Bollywood film song, which served as a transitional project for Shah RuLe’s move to Mumbai, India later on that year. In 2016, Shah introduced himself into the Indian Hip-Hop scene with controversial short videos like “Rapper vs. Tabla” with percussionist Karan Chitra Deshmukh and “Drop Bars Not Bombs” featuring SlumGods Beat boxer Prashant Nair. Shah Rule’s debut year in India also ventured into the corporate sector, collaborating with brands like Zee Café, Nissan and Levi’s 501. His debut single Tu Kahan featuring actor/playback singer Isheta Sarckar released via Zee Music Company on Valentines Day.

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