Workflow (2013)

Shah RuLe’s second project of 2013, called “Workflow”. “Workflow” is a seven track, motivational project which revolves around the themes of working hard and going after your goals. The mixtape is Produced by Shah RuLe, and features Productions from VACANT, and E/S. Featuring artists Shak Deville, Zed-I-Yah, and Miguel Pessanha. Mixed & Mastered by Shah RuLe and Miguel Pessanha. Cover Art by Twin Film.

Shah RuLe Airhymes (2013)

“Shah RuLe Airhymes” is a journey through the music of an international artist. From Take Off to Landing, Shah RuLe gives the listener a full flight experience over 11 tracks, of pure Hip-Hop essence with global influences all throughout. The project has been Written, Produced & Mixed by Shah RuLe, and Mastered by Riccardo Damian. Mixtape Artwork by Daniel Lambert Photography. Follow Shah RuLe On Twitter! @iamshahrule

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